• James Cole

Millions of Australians are working from home. Are your teleworking solutions ready and secure?

The rapid increase in the number of employees working from home due to the coronavirus is posing new challenges for businesses, universities, and the public sector. The work must go on. However, the increasing reliance on remote data connections, data sharing and collaboration tools, and teleconferencing capacity poses unique challenges in capacity, regulatory compliance, and security.

This shift to an at home workforce raises new security challenges through the introduction of melded business - personal systems such as personal computers, home wifi systems, and opportunities for remote data leakage and regulatory breaches. Supporting the at home worker also opens the new pathways for cyber criminals to gain access to employer's systems putting sensitive data at risk. Kids can easily cause a home network to be infected with malware that could infect connected work systems.

Employers are scrambling to load test VPNs, secure cloud-based apps, and shore up identity and access management policies and solutions. Many businesses cannot furbish every employee with hardened mobile devices to take home leaving work systems vulnerable to personal devices increasing the need for sound Bring Your Own Device policies, procedures, and security controls to protect sensitive and personal data. While cloud-computing has placed businesses in a better position to manage an at home workforce, the unique challenges presented by coronavirus crisis has strained existing solutions.

At JB Cyber, we have expert consultants that can help to guide businesses through platform selection, security control implementation, regulatory compliance issues, and risk mitigation solutions for the at home workforce. Contact us to see how we can help you support your workforce in this challenging environment.

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