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Avoiding Paying Ransoms

With the average insurance claim following a ransomware attack now in excess of $1M, no organisation can afford to be complacent.

In our Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment work we frequently find vulnerabilities to preventable attacks. Some problems require significant expertise and skill to address. This is the value of the service we provide.

However, we also find problems your team could, and probably should, have addressed. So if you don't want to pay the purveyors of malware a million $+, and you want to save money on your penetration testing budget, then check out our latest Blog post...

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Embrace Risk to Drive Business Value

JB Cyber is a boutique consulting company. Our mission is to help our clients identify issues early, and give them a competitive edge by providing the best and most cost effective cyber security solutions and staff.

Our consultants work to achieve solutions that are transparent, or at times invisible to users. We help our customers to achieve holistic, cost-effective security, privacy, and governance strategies that are right for your business. 


Protect Your Systems

Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, our strategic services deliver lasting changes with measurable results.

We help clients to select, implement, and test pragmatic security solutions that make sense to your business. Our staff provide expert services in a number of key cyber security domains including: teleworking, PKI solutions, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and more.

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Identify Issues Now

...before they're exploited by hackers or ransomware.

Based exclusively in Australia, our expert team have consistently earned praise from all who have worked with them. 

Our service extends from initial engagement, scoping the work to minimize disruption to your business, through to assisting your team addressing the issues found.

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Govern Your Data

GRC solutions should enable continuous improvement of operational information security posture without placing unnecessary or time consuming limitations on business processes. 

We provide a range of GRC services to facilitate cost-effective and transparent organisational GRC systems from the top-down.

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0412 544 632

Thank You for contacting us! One of our expert staff will contact you shortly.

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